BoB/RCW: White Russian Lancers in Chinese Service 2

Finally finished off the first lot of these. Lovely sculpts.
Spent all day yesterday mired in producing bids, but today had some half decent natural light levels. So here they are:

The start: The basic figure comes with rider separate from horse, with a separate da-dao beheading sword so it can easily be replaced with something else like a Mosin-Nagant rifle. To build the miniature you also need a base (Foundry MDF) and a lance (Foundry steel pin). The figure and pin all got trimmed for flash and size. As the figure comes with a stirrup holster, you can be generous with the length of the lance and it’s a really good sturdy fix for once.

Base and undercoating as normal. I then painted the horse as per Kevin Dallimore’s guide, and painted the White Russian with GW Orkhide foundation paint for the uniform and Foundry Buff leather for the boots to make them look “yellow”. The da-dao sheath was painted Foundry Drab, and the webbing/straps Foundry Granite. I then used GW Badab Black Wash for the uniform (with a subsequent highlight of Orkhide again) and GW Devlan Mud wash for the boots.

Looks about right IMHO. I added Foundry Napoleonic British Redcoat for the shoulder makings and I was pretty much done.

(Third time lucky on the photo, so it doesn’t look like the crude daubings of an 11 year old !)

I do 5 horses of each shade as a batch, so the actual units of 15 cavalry end up with at least three different horse colours. The light remains so poor that there is no point in providing photos of the Bay brown and black horses !

Next up, I have more of these I will add to the Russian Cossack horses, probably with Mosin Nagant rifles, and I might have a stab at some of the pennants for the lances. Just to make them look real hard and elite as they should be !

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  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    Looking good, well worth getting those sculpted.

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