Guess – a charity quiz

Well with 10,000 visits and 300+ posts, I’m feeling all philanthropic whilst basking in the unwarranted glow of 15 minutes of fame.

So in today’s postal delivery I got a figure. A rather special figure:

It’s nominally 28mm scale. And from the rear:

So being a jolly soul, post your guess as to what the figure is here on this blog below, first person to get it right and I’ll donate £10 to the charity of your choice.

(NB: Employees of the producing company are not eligible for this quiz)

The winner will:

  • Name the Figure
  • Name the Sculptor
  • Describe its production background
  • And for extra kudos provide a scan of the relevant game book.

Meanwhile, the Sun Has Got His Hat On again, and I need to finish off my White Russian Lancers in Chinese Service and you may get an update later on !

Another feline casualty of a sun beam.

4 Responses to Guess – a charity quiz

  1. Trevor B. says:

    The figure: Mutant Cookie Monster
    The sculptor: Jess Goodwin
    Production Background: Marauder Miniatures
    No idea of the game system (Chainsaw Warrior??)

  2. 😀

    Nice idea/comment.
    But sadly, no.
    But Jez Goodwin is connected with the figure’s sculptor.
    Hmm, now which sculptors can I con into making a mutant cookie monster figure… 😉

  3. Syjahel says:

    Good idea! Hmm… I’ll go with:

    The figure: Fimir?
    The sculptor: Nick Bibby
    Production Background: Citadel Miniatures
    Game system: Warhammer Fantasy Battle

    • Hmm, getting warmer….
      Figure – No
      Sculptor – No
      Company – Original sculpt yes
      Game System – For the Original Sculpt WHFB..not for the variant…

      As its the season of goodwill approaching, I’ll give £2 to the charity of your choice for your posting. 🙂

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