AVBCW: Battle of Little Hereford (Alternate views)

Here are some alternate views:


Well we have found the blood soaked camera and the bodies of the murdered civilians, now we have had the film developed it has shown the brave defenders gallantly holding back the Red flood as its many waves broke upon the stalwart men and women of the BUF. These misled people who were driven forward by their false prophets with lies and threats are seen falling in a wasteful death. Professional and combined forces of his Majesty’s Government. Accurate artillery fire destroyed the Reds large tank and a young hero with his Boys anti tank gun bravely dueled against a Russian supplied tank and disabled it as it threatened the brave daughters of Britain saving them in a hour of need. It was also observed that the Trotskis shelled the houses of the local people who have stayed true to the King causing great damage. No BUF men had been stationed in these buildings as it was hoped that if not occupied the Communists would not attack them. We must now report that at least two families have been left homeless. The Independent forces from Hereford have also suffered a good bloody nose leaving behind many dead. His Majesty’s forces stand firmly on the banks of the Teme ready to hold the lines of his Majesty’s land.

JP has updated his blog: Big Trouble in Little Hereford.

And the Bombardier has held forth on the usual places like The Very british Civil Forum: Free Tenbury NewsFascist Invasion halted.

The Bombardier also comments:

Things I did right:

  • Found two of the three fords, even though I didn’t fully exploit them.
  • Sent my veterans and sniper towards the river early. Despite them taking damage and being wiped out in the end, they at least took a BUF unit with them.
  • My mortar and steam lorry HMGs bloodied the BUF by the bridge.

Things wrong:

  • Sent most of my units down the road instead of towards the fords. By the time I turned them around, it was too late.
  • Forgot the fact I could run my soldiers 12″. If I had remembered that, my Pippin Fort soldiers could have got across the river earlier and might have made a difference (or at least fired a single shot!!).
  • Bunched my infantry together when crossing the ford making easy work for the BUF field gun on the other side. I should have spaced them and moved my mortar up in support.

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