Weathertop – Amon Sul terrain piece

Finally, I have finished painting the Forge World Weathertop/Amon Sul terrain piece. And in the dying light I photographed it:

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks doing the big base which is about 12 inches in diameter:

Here it is in the film:

Having done the separate pieces, I had the base to do:

So here it is from different angles:

I haven’t glued the separate pieces in, as the Byhakhees initially commented they should be separate so we could place figures in and around the piece.

The centre of the piece has faded static grass with mixed leaves as scatter…

Other than that it is washes of Devlan Mud and Thrakka Green. Or whatever their equivalents are now…

Not perfect but well on the way there.

3 Responses to Weathertop – Amon Sul terrain piece

  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    That really does look great! Love the use of different scatter materials on this – I’ve got to add some of that leaf litter to my toolkit. Nice photos too.

    • Thanks.
      I literally caught the light as it was fading at 3pm today, stuck the thing by the kitchen window (which face SSW), added the anglepoise lamp and hoped for the best !

      the leaf litter I get from Antenocitis Workshop. Nice stuff.

      this has been one of my long term projects to do justice to this terrain piece. Next up is….

  2. This is exactly the thing I’ve been looking for! Superb and thanks!

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