WHFB: Dwarves vs Orcs & Goblins

Byakhees Anthomy & Gavin came round today for a game of WHFB, Richard had to cry off due to fatigue. I was already booked as host and co-conspirator (but not active player) supporting Gavin and his Orcs & Goblins.

Gav & I buffed his army for about 45 minutes (Gav has not regularly played WHFB since our teenage years so is getting a helping hand from the rest of us). He deployed his army:

Anthony’s Dwarves, deployed and refused a flank:

A big firing line, with 18 Thunderers and two stone throwers which were souped up. Longbeard Rangers (38) were deployed in the woods as Scouts. He also one first go as well, using the Rune of Strollaz which moved his enite army forward 6 inches before the game even started ! I’ve never seen stunties move so fast.

(NB: Due to the size of the unit, the two dwarves out the left hand side of the terrain piece are actually representing where the unit is, as there is no way a solid unit like this can be sat in the terrain piece. This is a common sense rule we use as a bunch of mates to keep the game going and fair)

Before we knew it, the stunties were on top of the Orcs and nearing close combat. the goblin fanatics were released but did not deter the bearded sprinters ! In the first go, the dwarf stonethrowers did a direct hit on the massed ranks of Harboths, and killed 13 of them, causing a panic text, which predictably they failed, and ran off the board. nearly 500 points of Orc gone !!!
They also hit the trolls, with a flaming shot and killed two out of six, again first go.

The Orcs then responded. Mostly by failing animosity tests, squabbling amongst themselves and hurling abuse at each other. This paralysed their left flank entirely.On the upside, the foot of Gork spell was succesful and killed 11 Hammerererererers straight off, which was quite a lot of points ! They were also hexed with itchy feet and reduced to a crawl, which is saying something for a dwarf ! The goblin spearmen charged into the Dwarf Longbeards,lost combat (predictably), and ran away.

The bolt throwers were effective (much more than my supposedly suprerio DE bolt throwers !), and the stone thrower did actually hit.

Second go, the Dwarves charged the fleeing goblin spearmen, and followed into the (stupid) Trolls, which they defeated in combat. This caused a cascade of panic attacks, with 20 Orc archers running off the board !.

The Black Orc Lord on Wyvern charged the Longbeards, did some damage, losing combat resolution by zero (musician broke the balance) and promptly failed LD (a roll of 10), and ran away, fortunately not being run down by the stun ties. However it did end up inches away from the board edge which was to prove fatal in the next round, when it fled again off the board (another ~400 points gone !). Again the Waagh! magic went off with another stomp from Gork causing 8 more casualties to the Hammerererers. Again they were also slowed by their itchy feet !

The Rangers having defeated the trolls, and reformed and went in against the bolt thrower crew (x2) with predictable results. The longbeards followed up into another bolt thrower, crewed by Notlob, who did some damage but was defeated and this caused the Orc general to flee again.

In the middle. The Black Orcs (Uza Ezzagod) charged into the remaining Hammerers, made the challenge (a very close run thing) but held at the end of the day. The archers finally moved foward, too little too late. The wolf riders had been decimated by the Quarrellerers (lead by Josef Bugman) and were fleeing and the Savage Orcs again were too little to late.

Gav called it a day at 7.30pm, with the Dwarves winning, with an aggresive combat army list, set up, and fairly lucky dice.

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