Laserburn: Scratchbuild (Updated)

To fend off Equine painting OCD, and to prevent the buuld up of yet another project’s materials that won’t get done for a long time, I’ve used the corner packing pieces of the netbook bought last week to make the first scratchbuild for laserburn.

The pieces are actually quite solid compacted card. But I sprayed the first piece with GW Roughcoat (now OOP but basically a grey textured spray) to help seal in the surface, so that after undercoating I could use washes and not worry about any warping of the card. I added some hatches and vents from GZG. Then undercoated it grass green: I didn’t want another dull grey building; nor a pale grey; and thought with a green it’d stand out more look military for a scenario my fevered brain cell has started cooking up.

(NB: It was less bright green than in the photo !)
Washes, and weathering made the add ons stand out and break up the monochrome colour a bit more.

(NB: This photo might get replaced tomorrow in natural light ! It’s not lime green honest !!)

Not bad, now to plan for my Raid on Ragnarok scenario…having rummaged through a box of GZG pieces I’d found some simple air drones and wheeled scout drones…

NB: No Cats were harmed in the production of this building, though they did oversee its construction:

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