Shiney Stuff

Not new figures, but I received a new Mac today (early at 8am) which was quite good as I had only ordered it at 2pm the previous day. Emptying the box:

Guess what we can see…yes that’s right, scenery.

Forget the shiney notebook, that’s now of secondary importance, four corner pieces of hard cardboard that can be turned into Laserbun scnery, excellent !

As the older reader will remember, the original Rogue Trader had a good comment on this tendency:

Not so shiny, was the power extension cable I rooted out of the garage after 10 years…looks like it needs cleaning.

I’m using it for both the laptop and the photo box, so It really does need dealing with.
The rest of today has been wasted setting up and configuring the new laptop.

One Response to Shiney Stuff

  1. davebill says:

    Love how new computers improve efficiency by eating all your time 😉 Great packaging score, BTW!

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