AVBCW: A chance find, and a status update for Herefordshire….


Just a quick posting, when I Hit the Bright Lights of the Big City, I visited Hellfrauds, and next to it was a new(ish) Hobby Craft store which I decided to have a wander round.

Its one of those stores that you’ll find something in that you didn’t know you wanted. In my case, wandering down the aisle with the dolls house’s accesories (as you do), I found a roll of printed paper that looked ideal for paving slabs for AVBCW (or even BoB or any other C20 conflict). Here’s a slice of it:

It’s actually described as slate tiling, though no roof slates were ever arranged in that pattern in my experience ! They’re just about the right size as well for 254/28mm figures: 1cm x 1.5cm which equates roughly to a 2’x 3′ paving slab which is common enough in old Blighty – I have a couple round the side of the garage for projects in the garden.

I’d been scratching my head on how to produce some pavements for AVBCW scenery, the OO/HO scale is too small, and too expensive. So at a price of £2.99 this roll of paper is ideal.

It is available from: The Dolls House Emporium. I suspect there are more scenery gems to be found from this manufacturer !

It’ll need a bit of weatehring, but looks to be a cheap and ideal option to create some pavements for AVBCW.

Hereford 1938

JP has updated his blog with events in Herefordshire. He generally covers western, central and southern areas of the county whereas I am more focused on the east and the Malverns (which technically is in Worcestershire).

This is a key issue with AVBCW: the players (gentlemen) are the ones driving the narrative in their own localities. So JP, myself and others are free to make up stuff and map out our own campaigns with out own quirky ideas.

We’re also gearing up for a game with four of us to extend our narrative towards the borders with north Worcestershire and Shropshire.

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