Keeping a Blog going, and keeping the audience visiting

When I set up this blog, it was primarily because the group of Byakhees and I had no way of sharing photos of our games or model making activities other than via e-mail which would have killed most of our e-mail accounts. As commented, when I suggested someone set up a blog site to host all the pictures, someone asked: “Doesn’t a certain ex-Webmaster, have the skills to do that ?” As the certain ex-Webmaster, it then ended up for me to set up the site. Obviously the remit expanded a bit to include my own peculiar interests like cats, films and music.

I decided that in order to get a Blog going I’d need to ensure I have plenty of actual content, not just inane witterings, at which point reader you’re probably thinking, oh yeah ? get to the point and stop wittering…

So I waited until I thought I had enough content, and struck with lightening speed:

One of the most harmful things you can do in this life is to try to please everyone. You can’t. This is your virtual space, your online home. Try to tell people what you think, what’s your opinion about this or that, and I guarantee you, people will respond.

Well I guess its working. As a Webmaster, you become interested in how many people read your site. Then you want to know what they read, and then who they are, how they get there and where they go afterwards. Luckily WordPress does a load of stats for me along those lines. The stats show a month on month increase in the last 6 months with a daily average now in excess of 50 (unique) visitors – yay ! Can’t say its all due to me because I’ve done the “Special Guest Super Star DJ” posts of my friends’ models. But neither have either myself or my mates done much in the way of publicity.

Which is probably just as well, given the recent week or so having several days when nothing was posted. This is because I couldn’t photograph my miniatures fast enough in good light, and as Christian comments:

Try to make the post look nice. Add pictures, sketches, whatever. There should be a balance… you know the eye grows tired when it sees a lot of words. Font size, colors, all that stuff.

Hence, my new project with the photobox, to improve that aspect of this blog, because as it is primarily focused on wargaming and miniatures you need a lot of eye candy.

One thing Chrisitan didn’t emphasise enough was making sure your blog roll is not only added to with quality content, but making sure its added to on a regular basis. This is the second rule I learnt as a corporate Webmaster. There’s no point in having either a web site, or a web site with good content if it is not kept up to date with new and improved content or service. Now for this blog its mostly the content, not the services.

So I don’t necessarily agree with everything that Christian has to say on his post about the Seven Golden Rules of Blogging, but much of it I do. There are several blogs or web sites I have bookmarked, that I no longer visit regularly because they are simply not updated often enough. If ever. And sometimes I click on the book mark and find they’ve died a death.

So what does it mean ?

Some of my humble ideas:

  • KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid: don’t get carried away with fancy fonts and colours;
  • Content is King: new quality content is important, don’t fill it with padding…as for miniatures, say adding a post, here’s the Ogres you saw from the front, now here they are photographed from the back;
  • Eye Candy is good: But don’t burden the page with more than about 6 pictures – you can always link to photobucket or wherever you store them online, or…;
  • Short & Sweet; chop large amounts of content up into separate themed postings (as a Webmaster, static pages are more like a couple of PowerPoint slides stitched together than an essay;
  • Regular updates: If you’re doing daily, weekly or monthly updates, then make it clear.

I think I do most of these things already, I certainly aspire to, and aim to home in on these in the next 6 months or so.


Please let me know if you think I’m not doing them, or if you think I missed some thing out of these pearls of wisdom. 🙂

2 Responses to Keeping a Blog going, and keeping the audience visiting

  1. ruarigh says:

    I only come to this blog for the cats, you know. My cats make me do it. They want to spy on yours! 😉

    • If I kept a blog solely dedicated to Cats, I’d probably have 10 times the numbers of hits than I currently do ! 😀

      Just get on and post some Laserburn games.

      Leaserburn figures are excellent chew toys for cats. Up to a point. 😉

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