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No posts for the entire weekend. Boo Hiss ! That’s not how to run a blog.

  • Instead of going to a Zombie Boot Camp, and going to AVBCW Evesham BG5, I was nursing a bad head cold. So I missed two events I’d really looked forward to.
  • Saturday was good light for painting so I seized the opportunity to almost finish 15 Cossacks off.
  • Sunday had very poor light – too poor to do anything other than block paint some Circassian Cossacks, so no photos !
  • And then my washing machine broke down !!

Hmm, well now we’re heading into Winter, the light isn’t going to improve. So I have lashed together a temporary photo box to help improve the appearance of my photos of figures. Also, taking a leaf out of JP’s posting, and from a very old White Dwarf article, I used a simple model of box and curved white paper. In my case I took one of the gourmet food boxes I have talked about previously, and taped in an A3 sheet of paper (using the see through tape you can get not the normal selotape which is slightly yellow.

I then painted white over the taped edges and some spatters of blood (no hobby is worth pursuing if you don’t shed some blood over it).

First test shot:

When cropped:

The light is a bit yellow, so I’ll get a couple of anglepoise lamps with daylight bulbs in them tomorrow. There’s also a slight shadow from the direction of the natural light and normal ceiling lights. So I’ll position the lamp directly above to remove this small problem. I have another couple of ideas to improve this first attempt at a photo box.

This should mean that I’ll be able to post pictures of newly completed figures more regularly even in winter.

The model is a converted Mordheim Ogre, instead of using the double handed axe, I pilfered two Orc hands with Choppas from a plastic kit and used them instead.

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