Cats: They NEVER EVER NEVER NOT EVER NEVER follow their human beans

As all Cat owners/servants/slaves (OSS) know, Cats never pay much attention to their OSS. Cats never follow the OSS around. Should the OSS think this then they should be disabused of this crazy notion.

For example, every morning, I walk down my drive, cross the road and go to the Post Office to collect my newspaper.

Viurtually every day, I am amazed that there are 2-3 Cats, on my driveway watching for my safe return across the road.

By an amazing co-incidence, this morning I took my camera with me when I went to the Post Office, and was stunned, nay shocked on exiting the shop to find that there were two black furry felines half way down my drive. Imagine that !

As all OSS know, it is simply because we are going where our Cats are about to go. They are definitely not following us.

I have now had to explain this very fundamental and simple rule of Cat behaviour to many people on my village, all of whom have observed the Feline Black Guard on my driveway with some amusement, day in, day out. Even my cleaner, who lives in a different village has observed this behaviour (the fact I go where the Cats are about to go).

Strange eh ?

3 Responses to Cats: They NEVER EVER NEVER NOT EVER NEVER follow their human beans

  1. Ruarigh says:

    They were probably just patrolling and you happened to be there at the same time. Mine do that.

    • Aren’t we awful getting in the way by walking just where they are about to ?
      Anyone would think we’re dong it deliberately to spoil their routines.
      Not that Cats have routines.
      They are entirely spontaneous.
      And never get upset if we alter *our* routines. 😉

      • ruarigh says:

        I think it is just shocking how humans can have the temerity to think that anything they do might be related to a cat’s independent behaviour! 🙂

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