BoB: Cossack Cavalry

As you saw from a post earlier this week, the pile of lead on my painting table is quite large. In particular I’ve finally got round to doing some of the Back of Beyond White Cossacks from Copplestone.

Now I have the Colourful White Russians as an army, and the ragged White Russians as (nearly) an army. The Cossacks might have to do service in either, so I cast around for a colour scheme that was historic and able to fit into both.

Here’s my standard bearer:

The light level is better than of late, but the sun is low on the horizon, so the blue of the flag looks a bit bleached out. Basically it is a blue above black flag.

This is based on the Terek flag. The Terek Cossacks were located to the south and East of the Don and Kuban hosts.

They were allied to the Whites, fighting against both the Reds and Mountain peoples (Chehcns, Ingush et al).

This blue/black/white colour scheme fits in with my Colourful White Russians quite well, is historically appropriate given I’ve got Circassian Cossacks next up on the painting table, and obscure enough to pass off as an allohisotrical host in central Asia for BoB. I garnered a lot of information from the Pygmy Wars website run by Mark Plant (et al)

I decided against the Don and Kuban Cossacks, as they used a lot of red, and I didn’t want to get thenm mixed up with any Red Cossacks I eventually do.

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