AVBCW: BUF Cavalry and Horse Colours

In preperation for Evesham BG5 this weekend, I’ve been painting (or trying to paint given the dismal light levels) some more BUF Cavalry since they were really so great at last year’s event. šŸ˜‰

So here’s the first five I finished yesterday, photo’d today:

I painted them a chestnut colour, to make them different from the many Bay Brown horses I’d done. This got me thinking, was this right ? My cleaner, Val, is also a horse owner, so I asked her about what colours of horses would be most prevelant in military cavalry:

Dark Colours, usually black, dark bay or chestnut, maybe some greys. Its only us horse owners who go for the lighter colours

Which is what I had suspected – my Palomino coloured cavalry are now the oddity.

I used Kevin Dallimore’s book which has a page on horse colours to start painting them as I don’t have much experience of equine colours other than what has appeared in the field out back, or the field at my parents’ previous house.

So no British Grey Horseman for me, no Crimean charge….

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