Should I be concerned ?

Carpet offcuts

Got a random call from Byakhee JP yesterday, mid afternoon:

We’re clearing out the loft and found some carpet off cuts. They’re about a foot square, thought you might want them ?

Well now, the Dark Tower in Carcosa might not be a chic fashionable establishment but I don’t need any small off cuts of carpet.

No, JP was offering these offcuts as potential scenery for fields to replace monochrome green grass fields !

That someone else has now been infected with my own deviant thoughts on turning household items into scenery for AVBCW/BOB is somewhat worrying. Though the cats were quite pleased with them when I got back home today and tried to photo the offcuts:

I started the first one – I haven’t got to hand any brown sprays (and I have other plans for a cornfield), so I grabbed a can of green spray and set to work. I didn’t bother to ensure it was an in depth cover of paint, as this would make it look more natural with yellow/brown stalks, with green leaves on top as the crop grows.

Then I highlighted the tips (see below for more tips).

It won’t win any prizes, but starts to break up the green grass mats I have – they’re ok when its 6×4, but when using larger tables it does make it monochrome, boring and unrealistic. I’ll have to find a lighter green to spray it with, or simply do a very light green spray over the top and highlight to ensure it stands out more from the green mat.

Then I looked at this blog rolls’ stats

In particular the search terms used to identify it. Somehow, I didn’t think it would be found using the term:

anonymous online sex

AFAIK, other than some mild profanity, there’s nothing on this site so far that could generate a hit from such a term.

But maybe that’s because, its all done in the best possible taste.

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