AVBCW: BUF Air Corps

My latest acquisition:

Ah! Tally ho, then! Back to the bar. You should join the Flying Corps, George. That’s the way to fight a war. Tasty tuck, soft beds and a uniform so smart it’s got a PhD from Cambridge.

NOT painted by me, but by one of my delinquent mates Ook! who I have met via AVBCW Big Games in Evesham and Tring, and at the bar at Colours. Normally I don’t buy stuff other people have painted, as it often doesn’t fit in with my painting and basing styles. On this occasion however, having seen Ook’s work, and not having to worry about the basing I went for it, and when it arrived this morning I was very pleased.

Never played a game with planes, so will have to check out some rules for them, the A World Aflame rules book has some basic rules which look up to the job. The Bombardier, JP, Tym & I are planning an AVBCW game in November, so I guess that might be a time to try out these rules. Now I need to paint some of those nice Copplestone (BC5) and Artizan pilot models (PLP015, PLP039 and PLP048.

An amended quote…

BUF Adder:
No thank you. No thank you. I have no desire to hang around with a bunch of upper-class delinquents, do twenty minutes work, and then spend the rest of the day loafing about in Madresfield drinking gallons of champagne and having dozens of moist, pink, highly-experienced young British farmer’s daughters galloping up and down my . . . Hang on!

4 Responses to AVBCW: BUF Air Corps

  1. jp1885 says:

    I guess we know who’s playing the BUF side in November πŸ˜‰

    • [mode=Kevin The Teenager]
      That is so unfair !
      (flails arms in air and storms round the room huffing and puffing in a teenage tantrum)
      I don’t want to be BUF.
      I’m ALWAYS being made to be BUF.
      I hate you all.

      No, ’tis ok, because I get to make the aeroplane noises and the machine gun sounds as I strafe your LDV…

      • jp1885 says:

        I’m just hoping for a random event card that says ‘fog’ πŸ˜€

  2. So long as you make ‘fog’ noises…. πŸ˜‰

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