AVBCW: BUF Artillery

One of last Xmas’ presents was a Great War Miniatures British WW1 Artillery piece and crew that I have got round to painting up for my BUF force, possibly for use at Evesham BG5 at the end of the month:

A good number of crew servicing the gun.

You can’t see them well, but there are also piles of spent shell cases on the ground as well, they come with the crew pack.

Hopefully I’ll get a couple more of these artillery sets so I can do more BUF and MHC artillery.

‘Artillery brings dignity to what would otherwise be an undignified brawl (Sid Meier)’

One Response to AVBCW: BUF Artillery

  1. jp1885 says:

    Nice work mate. Artillery is definitely on my to do list!

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