WHFB: Dark Elf Chariots

Clearing out the playroom, I found my DE Chariots, or most of them. I’ve already assembled and painted one and photo’d it, minus the crew.

The crew come with separate weapons – all joined at the wrist. Previously I’ve Stupid Glue’d the joints but this really does not stand up to handling well as the c ontact surface between the arm and wrists are so small. Byakhee Rich stepped in got roped in to do some pinning of the chariot crew (2×4) and also the Beastmasters which are much the same with long weapons and arms with small surface areas connecting at the shoulder. Now they should be able to be fielded without fear of constant breakages simply by the slightest breeze.

So there is the first fully assembled chariot. And in the meantime, I’ve managed to assemble and paint a second one.

Whilst getting all the chariot pieces together a couple of months back, I found that of the two kits I had back then I was missing one piece from one of them – the front shield on the chariot which held it all together. So I hit evil-bay to get and extra two kits, which gave me a total of three chariots. Hmm, one full unit, and one half unit. For an army on my scale I needed at least four. GW no longer sell them – haven’t done so for years in fact.

So when a couple came up for sale on the Steve Dean forum, I bought both.
And then the next day I found the missing piece, so I’ve ended up with six chariots.

Oh woe !
Now I’m considering which hero models I can mount in a chariot using the good old magnets to secure them in place.

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