WHFB: Dwarves vs Dwarves & Empire

Byakhees Anthony, Jim Richard & I played a game today – remarkably short, staretd rolling at 1pm ended by 3pm !

Anthony & Rich turned up packing a Dwarf army (2k), and Empire (2k). Jim & I played two lot of 2k Dwarves.

Set up was completed. Surprisingly to me, Anthony and Richard didn’t refuse one of the flanks which was a bit interesting.

First round, and our six stone throwers had mixed success, until the 5th shot, when a direct hit on Rich’s White Wolves caused enough damage to provoke a panic test. Rich rolled 11, and then using his Battle Standard Bearer re-rolled and still got a 10…and then rolled 11 inches for a run away which was enough to see his entire unit of the table – 900 points running in the first turn…Then the Organ Gun (rolling a 10), Handgunners and Quarrellerers went onto wipe out the Drakwald Greencoats. So that was the entire flank gone in turn one. Adding insult to injury my Thunderers whittled the Imperial Outriders down to two !

Their turn and they killed 6 Thunderers, and that was pretty much it….and a crossbowman…

Next turn, the Dwarves wiped out the flanking Pistoliers unit and the Outriders causing Anthony’s Gyropcopter to panic and run away. Jim’s artillery hacked down more of Anthony’s Dwarves. My Dwarf Warriors charged the Reiksguard, rather than be charged by them (with lances), and won combat ! Guess what, the LD roll was 11 and they turned tail and ran, through the transgender wizard, at which point Rich declared game over ! Anthony knew the game was up as well, and so didn’t continue, so his 40 Miners didn’t get to turn up.

Anthony says:

We were trying to preform a flanking manoeuvre with the Dwarf miners, it is possible ! The plan was to bring a horde of 40 mIners on to a flank to cause serious problems and roll up thier exposed units. These were to be supported by Gyrocopters, that had proved useful against weaker troops. They are still yet to be tested on tougher opponents. The original plan was that they’d also be supported by the advancing troops on the flank which were initially planned to be Dwarves. This did not come about.

I regret in hindsight, of only deploying in normal deployment phase – I could have done everything as Scouts or Miners. I didn’t do this this time because of the size of the time. It would have forced me to take Great Weapons which I didn’t want.

Richard’s idea to field cavalry was good, but it should be heavy cavalry throughout. Reason: High Armour save and melee support.

It doesn’t matter how good the set up was, with those dice roll (Jim’s & Richard’s).

Richard says:

I brought two big units of knights in the hope that either of them would pretty much deal with anything in front of them [Anthony comments: Normally they have] with both units being Stubborn, so if stuck in combat could hang around in combat until help arrived, hopefully Anthony’s Miners. The Fast Cavalry were mobile support to keep up, but have yet to still see them do anything useful. ‘Cos they’re way to vulnerable to any form of shooting. They’d have been quite useful against our army ! 😀

With 40 missile troops on one flank, and 30 on another, there’s no flank to turn. Sending them down the middle means they ping off a few from big Infantry units they’d have made no difference.

In summary the army(s) we bought, were incapable of dealing with the army(s) Giles & Jim brought. [Anthony: If you’d got into combat…] Maybe, if in combat with the firing line…

In summary, bad dice roll affected by just how much the game would have gone.

Jim & I got it right, to a greater extent than Anthony & Richard. We got lucky with some good dice

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  1. Jim says:

    We bought to the battle: 6 stone throwers (4 powered up) and 2 organ guns on the principles that – ‘Artillery brings dignity to what would otherwise be an undignified brawl (Sid Meier)’ & ‘Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle station. Fire at will, commander. (Emporer Palpatine)’ – Jim

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