Film: Looper

Well today I went to the cinema with Byakhee Jim, to see Looper – a sci-fi film with Bruce Willis in it that has got some good write-ups in newspaper and film magazines.

I’m not a massive fan of meat head action films, so Bruce Willis is not my favourite actor. He has however done a few good films (Last Man Standing for instance). Therefore, with the good write-ups I thought I’d give it a go.

I wasn’t disappointed.
It’s a really good film, and will bear repeated watching I think.

Whilst there’s a lot of action, and modicum of violence, there is a really good plot and some good dialogue. CGI does NOT dominate this film at all. Which is a good thing !

The film raises loads of questions about time travel, and the effects of altering the past, but neatly skips a heavy internal dialogue about it, without sacrificing a decent level of logic.

Joe & Joe meet in a diner, but this does not end up like When Harry met Sally.

Though there is something between the legs.


The real break-out star of the film is 10-year-old Pierce Gagnon, playing five-year-old Cid (believe me, the kid looks five in the movie, and was probably only about 8 when they were filming). Absolutely authentic, Gagnon hits all the emotional markers needed, from exuberance to protectiveness to temper tantrums. He is remarkable to watch.

Jim & I both agreed on this (when we were walking back to the car, but this blogger’s words just encapsulated our thoughts so well I thought I’d copy and link to their blog. (Why re-invent the wheel ?)

Both Jim & I liked one of the important scenes, the diner scene, and its exposition of time travel.

Diagrams with straws:

Interestingly, the Prometheus DVD went on sale and I picked it up today before the film.

David is repeatedly referred to as Boy, coincidence ?
And for Old men to Die ?

One of the relatively important characters reminded me of Brad Douriff, and I could imagine a sequel to this with that actor…

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