More scenery

Finishing off the first pack of stumps I’d bought at Colours has taken some time, especially given the Cold I had, and the massive Weathertop Weathering project.

Again, the usual free CD base, with some Heiki trees bought from the Hereford Model Centre.

Unless modelling a plantation, then natural woodland shows a mixture of trees as they mature. hence mixing in smaller trees with these stumps from much more mature trees.

And now with the GW plastic kit trees. Very good for fantasy stuff, and also for mature trees. I don’t like the flat plastic leaf pieces, and have left this one as a dead tree. I think the next one I do will have rubberised horse hair clumps added to it.

Oh, and of course leave some room for miniatures on these bases, and don’t cover them with flock grass – trees crowd out the grass blocking the sunlight and also using up all the moisture. i do however use static grass around the edges of the CD base, so it helps blend it in with the underlying boards/mats which are usually covered in static grass. Helps avoid the sudden step jump and jarring on the visual effects…

these can be used for either AVBCW or Warhammer.

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