The March Violets – Videos of B’ham 2012

Here’s the videos of The March Violets’ gig I went to earlier this year.

Yesterday’s time spent fiddling around with the website has brought a lot of new options. So it wasn’t just a self indulgent techno wank session.

Now here are the tracks:


Crow Baby:

Grooving in Green:

Tokyo Flow:

1 2 I love you:

Walk into the Sun:

The encore:

The Road of Bones:

Snake Dance

Missing tracks are:

  • We Are All Gods
  • Billion 3
  • Dandelion King (aborted)
  • Made Glorious

I’m on the hunt for these. If you have the videos of these please contact me. I’d like the full set, just for my own personal enjoyment.

The sound quality is not great but these are youtube videos, and they were filmed right up close, often next to the sound system stacks. As such there is a fair amount of feedback and distortion of the sound ! I always place myself centre to the stage a fair way back to get the back sound experience I can.

I’m surprised there are not more live bootlegs of The March Violets given their obvious and direct links to The Sisters of Mercy who were described as the most bootlegged band of the 1980’s !

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