Scenery: 4Ground Privy

Well I did say you’d be privy to my latest mini-project.
Yup, after buying the 4Ground shed at Colours, I went and order some more stuff of theirs.

This included a privy (or three) as many houses even by the late 1930’s in Britain were without indoor toilets, so these models will work for BoB/RCW and AVBCW. In fact, the first house the late Queen in Yellow and I bought still had its outside loo, mind you the garden was also described by the surveyor as:

…inaccessible except with a machete…

As before, the model was easily put together. The order was despatched quickly, the only downside being the courier delivered it at 7am, waking me up…

Again the assembled model was painted easily. This time I used a Foundry MDF base.

As you can just about see, it even has a separate toilet seat !
I resisted the urge to model a toilet roll…this time. 😉

So there you go, you have been Privy-lidged to see my privy…(I’ll get my coat)

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