Laserburn: Robots

When I was at Colours, I bought some robots/mecha from GZG.

Now the Byakhees & I are planning a Laserburn game next month so I thought I’d paint these up so we can use them.

First thing weas to build them:

Couldn’t find them on the GZG website, so I asked via e-mail. Less than 10 minutes later Jon from GZG provided the answer:

If they were the ones in the display with the big 15mm Mecha, then they are the GMM41 and GMM42 from the “Germy’s 2mm” range – but we sell a load of them as 15mm robotic combat units!
You’ll find them halfway down this page:

Spot on. Jon’s time warp reputation remains intact !

I decided to paint them white with coloured markings. I also based them on some small MDF bases I’d got from Foundry (wrong size order so my fault). After priming htem black, I used Foundry Arctic grey, followed by GW Skull White, and then changed the weapons to gun metal using GW Chain mail with a black wash. I used red to make them stand out more

I think they look appropriate as some sort of sinister Imperial droid sent to hunt down and wipe out problems in the colonies !

Sadly the Laserburn supplement doesn’t really cover them, as it is mainly geared round the models from c1983/194…which these GZG ones are definitely not, so I’ll have to bash some rules together. They have some good ideas and the Advanced Laserburn rule book also has some ideas…

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