Scenery: 4Ground Shed

At Colours, I bought a 4Ground shed. They are a relatively new company, specialising in laser cut MDF kits. You can buy painted and unpainted versions of their kits. As Scenery Boy, I was intrigued.

The pieces pop out easily with minimal trimming.

And are easy to put together.

There’s a lot of left over MDF, which must be useful for something…yup I chopped it up to make the scenic base for the kit, just a covering of paper, roughcoat and then paint made it sturdy enough.

Roof is removable, and the door is also movable.

A quick coat of Foundry Rawhide, GW Devlan Mud (as ever), and some quick highlighting. The detailing of the wood panelling still shows through ok. Finished with some bushes to one side.

The inside has a different mix of flock to represent stone/aggregate as the floor, not just soil.

Ideal for BoB and AVBCW, as a rural shed. I left the roof removable, so I can hide stuff in there for scenario purposes. I got it for the princely sum of £5, and consider it well worth the money.

I went back for more – to be continued later…

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