Colours 2012 – Why I go to Wargames Shows (by Anthony)

Some years ago [KIY] asked if anybody in our war-gaming group would like to accompany him to a war-gaming show. I thought it would be interesting to find out what these shows were like and have a fun day trip. In general, these shows are well attended (indicating just how popular wargaming is) and contain a mixture of stalls and demonstration games. I was originally concerned that the shows would be focused on historic wargaming, rather than fantasy/sci-fi wargames that I tend to collect and play. However, my experience has been that the major shows have a good mixture of historic and fantasy/sci-fi models at the usual 10, 15, 25, and 28mm scales, along with all the accessories you could possibly imagine, including scenery, movement trays, specialist dice, and specialist storage cases (and systems).

I [have] got to admit that I enjoy looking around the stalls, talking to their owners/participants, and seeing the wider world of wargaming. This can provide ideas and introduce you to different types of game. It also provides a place to actually look at (and touch) models and scenery from companies that you would normally only see on the Internet; giving you the confidence that these are legitimate concerns producing real quality products. For example, I was able to see and compare several different figure storage systems, in some cases talking directly to the companies founders, before opting for the one that best met my needs.

Another aspect of most these wargaming shows is the variety of second-hand figures that can be picked up for reasonable (or even give away) prices. And unlike ebay you can actually see precisely what you are going to get before you part with your money. This has enabled me to find the odd model (or even occasional fully painted unit) to complete my main armies.

Overall, going with a friend to a wargaming show is a great day out, where you get the opportunity to see a wide variety of wargaming related merchandise, which is just not available locally.

And you even get cool freebies like this AVBCW book marker:

Other than this footnote, Anthomny’s original e-mail is posted in its entirety apart from a few typos !

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