Colours 2012 – the basics

Back from a trip to Colours 2012, in Newbury. Byakhee Anthony & I make an annual pilgrimage there. It’s held in the Newbury Race course Grand Stand and is one of the bigger wargaming events in the UK and is held over two days.

The ground floor which is huge is dedicated to traders. That’s one aisle. It’s about 200 hundred foot long.

And that’s the second one, and there’s about another 30 foot’s worth of traders behind where I took the photo from (on both sides).

Then there is the second floor which is about 50% trader and 50% demo games.

Included in the entry fee is a glossy 20 page brochure, that lists 82 traders and 39 demo games !

The demo games are mostly on the third floor.

Its hard to think of a genre that demo games don’t cover, there are fashions/trends, but certainly I’ve seen everything from AVBCW to Ancients, via sky pirates and sci-fi demo’d at the show.

I looked for some time for photos of the actual experience of a wargames show, but didn’t find many, they’re not exciting or sexy but trying to explain what they’re like to some of the Byakhees was a bit difficult. Let alone other friends and family.

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