Special Guest Superstar DJ: Drakwald Greencoats

Byakhee Rich has been adding fluff to his Empire army. We’ve started trying to name (and shame) units and heroes in our battles to provide some continuity.

Foiled by ‘things’ today, here’s Rich’s efforts:

I got a box of Militia so I would be able to fill in gaps in my Empire army, and I decided to use some to expand my Huntsmen, especially as they can now appear in larger units. My original 10 are actually in a uniform, so I was able to add 5 more with the contents of the box, and as they are now allowed a command group I thought I’d provide one:

And then I thought – it’s time I followed the good example of those around me and started to add some character to my army….

The Drakwald Greencoats

10+ Hunstman with Tracker, musician and standard bearer
110 points +8 per additional model

The first Greencoats were not a military unit, they were the liveried gamekeepers of the obsessive hunter Sir Heintze Misthausen, who kept a number of hunting lodges and a large staff to indulge his hobby. Inevitably, one of Sir Heintze’s stag hunts led his party way too far into the Drakwald, and they stumbled across a small Beastherd led by a mighty Gorebull! Sir Heintze himself slew the minotaur with his hunting spear, but only after it had been weakened by the many arrows of his brave huntsmen who stood firm in the face of Chaos.

As a result of this, Sir Heintze switched his preferred quarry to Beastmen, and decided that his gamekeepers would now be trained accordingly, able to fight in war as well as the hunt. He presented the newly formed Greencoats with a great grey horn hewn from the head of the Gorebull and with one of his many lodges to use as their own, plus an annual allowance for recruitment, equipment and of course the famous Greencoats. The Greencoats took the Stag’s head from the Misthausen coat of arms as their standard, with the Wolf of Middenheim added for clarity in times of war.

Each man is issued with the green coat and a brass pin stamped with the stag’s head. This pin is used to secure a single tail feather from a Drakwald Blue Pheasant to their hat – traditionally, each huntsmen had to stalk and shoot one of these extremely alert and evasive birds to demonstrate his prowess, but the Greencoats now breed them around their lodge for food, sport and convenient feathers! Any experienced huntsman already has his own bow, usually self-made from distinctive two-coloured wood of the Drakwald Yew.

The Drakwald Greencoats vary in number, the membership will usually be 20 to 30 plus some semi-retired older members who deal with logistics and recruitment. The current Master Tracker of the Greencoats is Jost Misthausen, one of the younger grandsons of Sir Heintze.

Obviously, the most famous Drakwald hunter is Markus Wolfhart – a few times Greencoats have left to join Wolfhart’s Monster Hunters, while this is plainly an honour for them and the Greencoats, old hands often mutter disparagingly about it being much harder to sneak up on and shoot a wily Ungor, or even a Blue Pheasant, than a rampaging Giant!

Having written the fluff for the Drakwald Greencoats, I plainly had to go back and add two things:

Yes, one is a Drakwald Blue Pheasant, proudly displayed by the successful hunter, and the other is a model for the Master Tracker Jost Misthausen. To make him distinctive, he got hands and bow from High Elf bits, a sword and a hatless Pistolier head – but he does have the trademark feathered hat slung behind him.

Mind you, all that effort and he still only has the BS of an ordinary Dark Elf spearman…!

Rixch chopped up the Sarrissa Precision skirmish bases we bought earlier this year so that he could better mix and match the unit according to the number of troops deployed. I much prefer to see named units being deployed rather than unit A N Other No.1, Hero No.1 and have already started naming my DE and Dwarf heroes that way. Some say that is the best way to get them killed, but, she who musty not be named who rides upon a Lizard normally survives…

Talking of which, now my Zombie-fest is over, the Cold Ones Knights should be photographed tomorrow light levels permitting.

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