Of Mammoths, Teeth, Zeppelins & Zombies

Here’s the Great White Mastadon.

Once HLBSCo’s now Dee-Zee’s pre-historic range of critters, I bought the mammoth years ago when our group was partaking of a roleplaying scenario, based on the ill fated Italia mission to the north pole. The players were all convinced the GM would introduce us to lost worlds including Mammoths, so of course I bought one. Nice pair of dentures on it.

Speaking of which, my annual trip to the dentists was short and sweet. I remain The Man With The Boring Mouth. Yup, a full set of teeth with no fillings of any sort. Nothing for my dentists to do.

Of course I then got home and found The Walking Dead Season 2.

Zombies attack usually by biting. And they all have snaggle tooth rotted ones, so they don’t always break the skin to infect their victims.

Best that the Byakhees don’t let me become a Zombie, ‘cos with my perfect set of pearly white teeth, I’ll be a real danger….

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