Now I do not believe you wanted to do that !

Went up to the Secret Room to varnish the Chaos gate I finished yesterday.

Place said item on newspaper, picked up spray…

…and thought: Now I do not believe I wanted to do that.
Yup, I had left a can of Roughcoat out after prepping some more CDs for scenery bases.
Roughcoat is very different to varnish spray.

So have spent today repairing the damage.

Had to work out that you can actually highlight static grass.
Luckily, the main area effected was the paving which was grey anyway a bit of highlighting sorted that out.
Of course it is at these times you have to remember what paints you used in the first place ! Some Byakhees have even taken to writing down their recipes.

2 Responses to Now I do not believe you wanted to do that !

  1. Stuart Priest says:

    Been there done that. I once finished a unit of Long Drongs Slayer Pirates and went to varnish it only to pickup the wrong can and gave the whole lot a good blast of blue acrylic. I might actually have wept. To this day I double check, at the moment my index finger goes on the nozzle that I have the right can in my hand.

  2. Byakhee Rich says:

    Tsk tsk. I expect better from you guys. Good technique for spraying any paint or lacquer means you never point at a model and squirt. You should always aim to one side and then sweep across and past the target. That way you establish the proper paint consistency before it gets on your model, and helps prevent pooling. And coincidentally acts as a test of what can you picked up before you do any damage…

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