Blood Vestals (Updated)

I ordered some Blood Vestals and the command group from a relatively new French (I think) company – Raging Heroes.

I can’t think why, as I’m really unsure of what sort of troop they’re not representing.

They arrived today, each set came in a funky little black box with paper wrap sheath identifying the contents. Inside, the figures were well wrapped in bubblewrap, foam chips and or their own zip lock bags.

They are very delicate and slender miniatures, here’s what they look like comapred to a troop type chosen totally at random from A N Other company. On the left is a Blood Vestal trooper, and on the right the Blood Vestal Champion. They are very delicate miniatures, sadly the tip of one of the troopers’ blades broke off in transit.

UPDATE: They’ve offered to replace the damage figure, that’s called service !

They are also well animated and there’s one type of pose which is quite three diemnsional compared to many figures.

I;’ll be ordering more from this company, and aim to field a unit of these with one of my armies.

One Response to Blood Vestals (Updated)

  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    I was hoping these would be horrible… now there is another company I need to buy expensive goodies from 😦

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