Lions, Goats & Zoats

Another find on the newly liberated from rubbish painting desk, was some lions I’d hoped to use at the AVBCW Big Game Jon & I organised back in February.

I’d hoped to have had the lions supporting the Abbysinnian contingent, lurking in some fields with a random move/trigger system. It wasn’t to be (sorry Tom). here they are finished off finally.

NB: These are not just ordinary lions, oh no. The Ethiopian lions are of a different species to the rest of the African lions and have a very dark mane.

Here’s some Goats

Yes, I occasionally have to look after 25+ Goats for my parents. Along with their cats, dog and chickens, I call it “Beastwatch’.

What rhymes with Goat ?

Zoat !
Abnother find on the painting desk, again dug out as part of the Storm Of Magic.

Though I don’t eat Zoatabix !

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