WHFB: Dark Elf Cold One Chariot

One of the units I have rarely used in WHFB for my Dark Elf army is the Cold One Chariot. For some time I had a single chariot kit in pieces. Having seen how effective Byakhee Anthony & Jim & Rich’s chariots were I decided I really should field one my self. Only I couldn’t find all the pieces. GW have ceased production of their one DE kit. So I turned to the dark side ^^^^^^ evil-bay, and got myself some of them. In a fit of aspiration I started to build and paint some, only for the painting desk to grow a layer of detritus, and for GW to release a new version of Cold Ones.

Here’s an original kit I bought:

Yes, it comes with the battle cattle Cold Ones. The two Cold Ones are based on separate bases, and the chariot itself is not on any base. This seems to have been the default for chairots up until a few years ago. A complete mess, and added no structural integrity to the model.

Hmm, that doesn’t sit well with the (back to the future) raptor like Cold Ones. I considered using the plastic Cold Ones from the DE Knights kit, but they have a lot of moulded on saddles and harness which is tiresome (I have seen some efforts and they weren’t inspiring). Thankfully, GW decided to release Cold Ones without saddles and harness as part of the Storm of Magic….so I finally invested in some Fincecast/Failcast (delete as appropriate).

As others have commented Finecast does not stand up well to heat. Having left this mid project for a few months, even in the Playroom, the thin ankle managed to warp and break.

I bought some chariot bases to help keep all these pieces together. Though I also added some extra strength to the chariot base.

Now all I have to do is do the crew, who like the Executioners have two handed weapons joined at the wrist to the main body. These are excellent models, but really need experts to assemble for anything other than static displays !

So far Finecast/Failcast has not proved to be better than either metal or plastic. It sucks up paint and is fragile. A good idea that needs working on.

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