Painting on the move

Ok, so I am lucky to have a whole room to induklge my hobby in and a permanent painting desk. However, as you may have noticed many of the recent photos of WIP have been on the kitchen table, which is my second painting desk.Obviously now the Playroom is being tamed and re-organised this will stop. But that won’t stop me wanting to do painting downstairs whilst watching a quality DVD. So a few years back I bought one of the GW paint stations, the old MDF version:

The manager iof my GW shop commented at the time: “I struggle to keep a stock of them, they sell so fast !“. Not surprised as its a quality item. Its very handy and has seen a lot of ‘action’ as you can tell from all the paint on it !
(I have not seen/used the new plastic one)

Not all the Byakhees are this lucky, and when lacking a ‘mancave’ have resorted to other ingeneous ideas:

Sadly lacking in a ‘man cave’ at home, my painting area is wherever I can fit myself unobtrusively in. Therefore all my stuff is portable – tupperware containers for paints, flock and water and an old tool box for my tools, WIPs and other bits and bobs.

He has however, stolen a march on the rest of us and lashed up his own proper photo box – something I am most remiss at (hence the kitchen table photos) – and Rich has only started to work on:

Very simple but very good – the curved white background helps reflect light back and makes for a neutral background.

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