To boldly go, where no one has gone before…

The playroom got out of hand, and started spilling out onto the landing. The piles of miniature cases started spreading, and I’m sure the figures started multiplying in the piles of spare foam, random boxes, and piles of components. The cats were no longer prepared to go in there even out of curiosity, none of them had gone missing but it was only time….

Finally, when I couldn’t find some of my modelling tools, I knew I had to strike.

The painting desk is unusable.

After a few hours work, the floor is now clear from the first half of the room

More to go….

But I found my model of Amun Sul. I had painted it for the first of our Xmashammer games (two days), but only to a basic standard. So I’ll doe a project to add static grass, vines, leaves and the inevitable devlan mud wash to jazzn it up, and use it again in battles. More to follow on this.

Its the LE resin piece Forgworld did a few years back. And its big, that’s a 12 inch ruler by it !

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