A New Record

Not appearing in the happy happy joy joy MSM anywhere prominently because they’re transfixed by the scandal of seeing a males’ anatomy, is the record Arctic ice melt this year.

Yup, the Arctic ice extent is set to break new record lows.

The scientific literature shows that arctic ice melt is the canary in the mine.

Ice extent, on its own isn’t a very good measure of what’s happening to the Arctic ice cover. You have to consider the volume of the ice.

Oh look, what’s happening with the ice volume…

Much like a stupid middle aged man, denying he is going bald and combing his hair over an ever extending bald patch, the AGW deniers will try and convince people with spurious arguments that:

  • It isn’t happening
  • the scientists are lying
  • It isn’t us…(they said caught with their hand in the cookie jar)
  • Well this is good because we can get at all that oil and stuff not that peak oil is happening
  • (insert spurious argument here)

Pull the other one, it has bells on. The Arctic is melting and the anthropogenic CO2 is the major culprit.

And the ice keeps melting because we have several more weeks of the ice melt season.

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