WHFB: Dwarves vs High Elves 2012 08 25

Byakhee Anthony and I had a game of WHFB yesterday, him with his High Elves, and me with my Dwarves and their newly built and painted Juggernaut. Rich turned up late as a neutral observer, and courier for new DE Spearment for me. 🙂

These are the pictures and basic flow of the battle, more commentary to follow.

High Elf set up:

Top to bottom:

  • Lord on Griffon & Two Giant Eagles
  • 8 Swordmasters
  • 15 white Lions
  • 40 Spearmen
  • 40 Spearmen
  • 15 Phoenix Guard
  • 8 Swordsmen
  • Lion Chariot
  • 8 Dragon Prince cavalry

Dwarf Set Up:

Top to bottom:

  • 15 Thunderers
  • Dwarf Juggernaut
  • 25 Hammerers
  • Organ Gun
  • Grudge Thrower
  • 30 Warriors
  • 15 Quarrelerers
  • 10 Slayers
  • 15 Rangerers

The Dragon princes charge, as does the Lion Chariot – a basic error on my intel – I thought they might have been Silver Helms at best (‘bye, see you guys). A poor shooting round did not help, even if the charge response (stand and shoot) was good).

(On the upside for me, the swordmasters top left in that picture were shot by the Quarrellerers on the hill, and failed 3 LD tests and ran off the board !).

Oh dear, look where we ended up when the Juggernaut rolled a misfire roll on the dice, and all its systems went down – no move, no gun, no valves…yup slap bang in front of the entire HE army line.

Obviously, 60+ HE charged into close combat.

Yes, that’s 40 Spearmen, 15 White Knights, and 8 Swordmasters, each with their heroes in tow…As expected the spearmen did no damage but the GW wielding flank attacking Swordmasters and White Knights did ! We concluded that the Juggernaut rules are not over powered.

To be counter charged by the Hammerers, too late though…

In the mean time, the Dragon princes and Chariot has flanked and attacked the war machines, with the Dwarf warriors charging into the Phoenix Guard in a meat grinder style. The second unit of HE Spears were annihilated by the organ gun after it had received 3 hits from the grudge thrower.

Anthony sat down, and Clawed’s skill at “Detect naked lap at 100 paces” kicked in, and he moved in to cover up this naked lap with furry cat meat !!

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