BoB/RCW: Colourful White Russian Army

Ok, enough talk, here’s some eye candy. Finally finished off my first ‘army’. It’s the Colourful White Russian army I’ve been working on that I thought was very very alohisotrical being based on the White School Cadets massacred in Dr Zhivago, but turned out was very close to a real unit operating within the AFSR.

Top Left: Cavalry (15)
Top Middle: Mounted Command
Top Right: Artillery piece

Middle Left: foot Command x2
Middle Middle: HMG
Middle Right: Infantry squad (10)

Front Left: Infantry squad (10)
Front Right: Infantry squad (10)

I can augment this with more infantry, the (30) ragged White Russians I have, but this is the core of the army…and it’s all painted, yay ! Only taken about 9 years…

The Cavalry.
I may well add a unit of Circassian Cossacks soon, just need to paint them.

The Infantry.

Command on foot & HMG. Another HMG is on the cards, again just needs to be built and painted.

Now I’ll feel happier organising a Big Game for Back of Beyond/RCW, now that I can field an army myself ! 🙂

Tanks & armoured cars will also augment this army.

2 Responses to BoB/RCW: Colourful White Russian Army

  1. Stuart Priest says:

    just had a sudden urge to shout ‘UUURRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!’…they look really good..

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