WHFB: Empire & Dwarves vs Greenskins

We had a 4k PV game of Warhammer, with Rich’s new Empire army allying with Anthony’s Dwarves to fight Gavin A’s greenskins (aided and abetted by me). Just as well I wasn’t actually fielding anything myself, as I spent most of Friday evening trying to sort out the electrics on my oven that had decided to die.

Gavin A does not get to game much, so I’ve had to help him set up his army, but he tinkered with it on his ownsome and came up with some new surprises for Anthony & Richard.

Here’s the initial set up, which was for a head to head battle:

Gav’s Orcs & Goblins span the full range from slotta to modern plastics. Mostly they are painted by me at various times ranging from simple one coat of paint, through to more up to date paint methods, so I do cringe when I see the efforts of a 12 year old.

In fact, those painted bolt thrower crew were my original, so at least I can salvage some pride in that my painting skills have improved oveer the last 20+ years (cough).

Anthony’s firing line, 2 bolt throwers, 2 stone throwers, and 40 Thunderers in 2 units. A small squad (6) of Slayers were used as artillery guard and proved very useful:

Richard’s cavalry !

Both sides had fast cavalry so did vanguard moves. Gav’s plan, was for the wolf riders to go artillery hunting, and it got off to a good start. Gav won the roll for going first but then animosity set in. A unit of Goblins squabbled rather than move forward to protect the bolt throwers from Rich’s scouts. On the other hand, Harboth’s got the Waaghh ! and moved forward 5 inches, which then led them to charge Rich’s pistolliers and wipe them out in combat. the second unit of pistolliers were also wiped out by the massed ranks of Arrer boys and bolt throwers, much to Rich’s chagrin.

The downside was…

Rich’s cavalry and war altar managed to charge Harboth’s !
Meanwhile the Goblins finally released their fanatics:

And the wolf riders flanked the Dwarves drawing in the Thunderers and Slayers who after a close combat for two rounds were defeated:

Richard then got sneaky and charged the war altar into Ezza Uzegod’s unit, issued a challenge and won. As the war altar commanded by the arch-lector counts as a character, there was no one else for the Black Orcs to fight. With two wounds done, and none in return the war altar/arch lector won the combat ! Sneaky ! But the Black Orcs didn’t break. They were however in trouble.

Gav fired off the foot of gork spell, rolled a double six, killed a couple of dwarves and blew his shaman up. The Wyvern didn’t even go beserk !

The White wolves were then charged in by Richard into the flank of Eeza Ugezod’s unit. Who were in term charged in the rear by the Arrer boys…

An aLmighty combat ensued with the Black Orcs taking two rounds to be ground down eventually, and the Arrer boys being wiped out. As it was now 9.45pm, Gav conceeded defeat, but it had been a tough battle with the new improved Orc army proving itself capable of taking a lot of punishment.

Ernie !
(I’m having to make it up to the cats today, all three of whom sulked and refused to come in last night.

Mircowaving pizza, is not ideal, but it works. But BBQs are easier ! 🙂

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