The Pecking Order

Our gaming group is aiming to always field fully painted armies, and we achieve this to a greater or lesser extent. In particular, the part timer Gavin A has had his army subjected to my attentions in an attempt to bring it to a state that it can be fielded without figures falling over. Yesterday I had a rant about painted figures, basing and movement trays, when I spotted Gavin was using half his movement trays upside down !

Richard insisted I post the gist of my rant.
So the pecking order:

  • well painted, based units on a painted movement tray (if req’d)
  • well painted, based figures
  • painted figures, based and on a painted movement tray
  • painted and based figures
  • basically painted figures (block painted), on a movement tray
  • basically painted figures
  • undercoated and based figures on a movement tray
  • undercoated and based figures
  • based figures, on a movement tray
  • based figures, on an upside down movement tray
  • based figures
  • figures on the wrong base
  • figures not properly based and totally unpainted
  • a pile of pieces

For the Big Games I attend for AVBCW, then pretty much its only the first six categories that are acceptable – a Gentleman does not turn up with unpainted unassembled miniatures ! Big Games are difficult to organise (he says having been there, done one, got the scars) and as we travel long distances to attend them they have to be, and indeed are top notch with players turning up behaving impeccably with well turned out armies.

Now with the local gaming group you can get away with a bit more lee way, on the understanding that your army is progressing up the pecking order. Indeed 8 years ago when we first got back into WHFB on a regular basis (as in more than twice a year) I had the embarrassment of fielding part built DE Spearmen (the horror, the horror), at least now all the miniatures are built, most are base coated and many are fully painted for all our gaming group.

Of clourse, late in the evening, I found another Abhorrence that will be detailed later. ‘Abhorrence’ is an in-joke, I saw a number of unpainted figures not on the right bases, shouted “Abhorrence” pointing at them when Anthony walked into the room…so I had to swiftly explain it wasn’t him, it was the figures…so that’s sort of stuck as the rallying cry for our efforts to field properly based and painted figures.

No pressure !

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