WHFB: Notlob’s Bolt Throwers

back in the day…there were the regiments of Renown as I have mentioned before. They came in special boxes, labelled and with artwork of the main regiments by John Blanche. One Xmas, I was bought Notlobs Bolt Throwers (RR 14). I’ve passed them on to Byakhee Gav A a long time ago but from a sense of nostalgia, a trip to evil-bay made me buy them again, not least because I could deploy them as Dogs Of War.

The cardboard box with windows and polystyrene box. Often these turn up broken, I managed to get an intact one.

Notlob himself, according to the rules, he could man a bolt thrower on his own !

And the second bolt thrower with the usual three crew. These were sculpted by the Perry twins. But as you can tell from the picture of the box, there’s a few more figures and bolt throwers in there.

By the mid 1980’s Kevin Adams was a Citadel sculptor, and as one of his projects obviously used the Perry’s dolly’s of these Orcs to craft new crew and bolt throwers that ended up in the usual blister packs.

You can see which poses he used and modified.
The Bolt throwers are also different with added rivets along the upper part.

More modified crew.

I have written a modified set of rules, that allow the ordinary crews to use Notlobs higher Ballisitic skill if they are within in 6 inches of him. Of course this limits them to their deployment, and makes them vulnerable to area effect weapons/spells, and flanking units, but that’s the whole point !

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