AVBCW: Fifth Big Game at Evesham

Well its all got a bit Warhammery of late, but balance will be restored as we are beginning to prepare for the annual AVBCW Big Game at Evesham.

Each year in the Autumn the chaps at The Gentleman’s Wargames Parlour (GWP) and now the A Very Brish Civil Forum organise two days worth of games at Gripping Beast’s lair in Evesham. J and Mort organise the event and there’s better part of 20 people there usually, and this will be my third visit. Several tables get set up for us the use and occasionally forces move from one borad to another according to the scenario. Mort has masterminded the background scenarios centered on Somerset and sebnds out the orders to the various faction leaders who in turn devolve the orders down to theiur subordinates.

That’s when the players start scheming and trying get tactical or startegic advantage. And that’s what’s just started off. JP and I are Royalist and fascist respectively. For some reason he’s already paranoid:

I imagine your orders were to let the royalists go in against the SFF roadblocks first and get pounded, then the BUF march in to take the glory.

We’ve already exchanged a few snippets of info about where are enemies are, and we’re now just confirming our forces ( info not appearing at this blog !) and working out what we’re going to through at the roadblocks between us and our destination.

Mort has also done a very appropriate map of the area:

Its a very social event, some players even going so far as to turn up in character. Its also a good chance for some ‘metal porn’ as I describe it – oggling all the weird, whacky and inventive conversions and models the other gents have done.

Oh and of course, a chance for us to pick up even more lead hot out of the moulds from Gripping Beast. 🙂

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