WHFB: Orcs, almost a Special Guest posting

Byakhee Gavin A has admitted he’s never going to really have time to paint due to his domestic circumstances, however he is keen to try and do something to improve the appearance of his Orc army and is a keen adherent to the Glue Sniffing sessions I randomly put on (Glue Sniffing sessions are basically where Rich & I help the rest assemble their multi part kits and daub paint on their troops, they seem to be popular…and none of the attendees claim they are glue sniffers)…

As the output of one such Glue Sniffin’ session, here are a few of Gav’s Orcs:

Obviously very similar to my own efforts, because he was using my paints and advice, but I still think they’re good:

It’s always good to see some pre-slotta stuff painted.

Or even early slotta Shamans !

Here’s my effort:

Not surprisingly, this outbreak of greenskin painting is connected with an upcoming wargame on Saturday !

Of more importance, its a case of showing that even novices can achieve wargaming standards of painting very quickly if they have the right paints, brushes and tools.

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