WHFB: Dark Elf Characters

I often find that when publishing a new post, pressing the “Publish” button is helpful…yes this was written yesterday and should have been published yesterday… DOH !

As commented previoously, GW did not produce many Dark Elf hero models for a long time, indeed it was several months after the main tranche of models were released that they dug back into their stores and found an additional set of heroes to release.

So I set about hunting for other miniature manufacturers’ efforts. First port of call, Avatars of War:

Designed by an ex-GW sculptor, Felix Panagua, they come with separate heads and arm options, so yes I have multiples of these models to build. They fit perfectly with the GW models.

Next up, I got a Gamezone standard bearer. That’s the one on the left.

I also hit evil-bay, and got a couple of copies of the Limited Edition (LE) Dark Elf Standard Bearer, that’s the one on the right.

Also found on evil-bay, was the LE Malus Darkblade on foot.

Lokhir Fellheart was acquired when the latest models came out, when i first fielded him, I had to drop some heavy hints to Byakhees Anthony & Jim that he might be a bit ‘special’, pointing out he was the only model painted with red/gold blades in the army with a funny squid mask.
They learnt quickly.

Sea Dragon Cloaks a go go:

They’re pretty essential for most Dark Elf Heroes to keep them alive.

So my second copy of the GW hero will be greenstuffed, because guess what he isn’t wearing an SDC, and is therefore stuffed…

Also picked up from evil-bay was a LE Elf Waystone, so naturally this got painted up as a Dark Elf waystone. No idea if they are in the fluff anywhere but it is just something I had to do.

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