Special Guest Superstar DJ: Tomb Kings cont’d

Some more of Byakhee Stuart’s work:

Necropolis Knights ‘The Untempered Ones’ – A straight build right out of the box but with some extra bits and bobs on the base to try and give the impression of a once great civilisation now in ruins.

I’ve also sued the cake pillars as scenery, nice and cheap, but they do need sealing in to prevent further manual weathering of the plaster as it is quite soft.

None of the other Byakhees use TKs so these pictyures and monsters are certainly new to the rest of us.

And finally:

Unit filler. This miniature was given to me years ago and being produced by Reaper Minis it was an awkward size being as it was too big for an ushabti and too small for a bone colossus. I use him instead as a unit filler or in theory he could ‘count as’ a tomb scorpion if I felt the need to field three of them…..bwah ha ha ha!

Unit fillers are a cheap way of bulking out units, but at the same time they make them more interesting and are a good way of getting little dioramas and vignettes on to the table. Not something I have done yet, but the ones I’ve seen are certainly inspiring.

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