WHFB: Dark Elf Sorceresses

A Dark Elf army wouldn’t be a Dark Elf army if it didn’t come packing some serious magical firepower so i rarely have less than 2 Sorceresses. For a long time GW didn’t do many Dark Elf character models, which has now changed. In the meantime I went and bought stuff from other ranges and did a couple of conversions, so I now have plenty of models to choose from.

Straight out of the box though is my High Sorcesss on a Cold One who I’ve given a wonderful name – Chlamydia. The other Byakhees have given her other names, the only one repeatable is “Whore on a Liazard”.

Again I have used the army colour scheme to help tie her in (oo-er!) with the rest of the army, and as High Sorcess, she has a purple cloak.

Not a conversion, but a kit bash.

I used the old battle cattle Cold One Sorceress, and bought a unicorn for her to ride as the old Elf plastic horses are no longer available separately. To help disguise the saddle arrangement I added some pouches, scroll and book from the Mordheim accessory sprue. I would of course now use the pieces from the Black Dragon kit.

The older Sorceress on foot, along with a very old plastic sorceress GW produced for a long defunct game. These occasionally turn up on evil-bay. A bit smaller than the new ranges.

The newest sorceress, and the older version painted with a purple cloak, for when she’s not riding a lizard !

Two figures from Gamezone miniatures. The one on the left is a Harpy attacking a High Elf almost enveloping the victim entirely. I’m toying with some rules to make it a champion of sorts along the lines of Kouran or Tullaris as it is a nice model.

The back shot – the Sorceress is busy conjuring something nasty, and I painted the glowing flames blue…much like Stuart did with his TK liches..and I did with the new Sorceress. As it is also part of the army paint scheme it again helps her tie in. She is holding a little dragonette (purple) on he other arm.

I have the Avatars of War Sorceress (currently in the sick ward), and several others that are awaiting paint jobs. the new plastics also offer more opportunities for kit bashing and conversion work. I think I have enough sorceresses now and have a generic list of them with magic options to cut and paste into my army spreadsheet.

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