Here be Dragons

Just as I am obsessed with collecting old pre-slotta models, Byakhee Rich is obsessed with Dragons. He claims to have nearly 50 these days. Building his Empire army he finally decided to build, paint and field one in his Empire army.

So he decided that Emperor karl-Franz would be mounted on a dragon. He chose the Teronus the Ultimate Dragon (a Nick Lund sculpt for Grenadier, that is now available from Mirliton [Rich says: So you can buy one if you want, or go into my loft and find my second copy]). Not content with that Rich extended the neck so that the head/jaws were looking downwards at their hapless 28mm incy wincy victim, you can nearly see it in that picture of all the mounts – there’s a chunk of milliputt below the saddle. His madness did not halt there. He decided that his Emperor Karl-Franz would be built with the option of different mounts. So more magnets were used to ensure that the Emperor could be swapped between mounts.

But he couldn’t decide what colour to paint the dragon…so he photo-shopped a picture of the dragon in different colours…

and again…

Still not happy, try again…

So now decided on this paint job he put brush to lead starting off with brown and then building up to gold.

Nearly finished:

With rider:

And here’s the case with Karl Franz and all his mounts, carefully customised:

I’ve seen the Dragon and its a hefty chuck of lead, and am looking forward to it on the table, well in an aesthetic way, I’m sure I wont enjoy excessively my troops dying in droves !

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