I’ve alluded to storage a few times before, giving examples of storing the Dark Elf Bolt Throwers in Kaiser-Rushforth cases.
My recent blitzkrieg of painting Dwarf and BoB White Russian artillery has reinforced this need. Storing your figures properly is essential if you really care about keeping your paint jobs in order, and in my case, keeping the Playroom in order. Its one of those necessary evils like filing your paperwork properly.

This is how NOT to store your figures:

Tidying the playroom, I decided this was indeed unacceptable, and to fix it. So my recent order from KR arrived. As I have a lot of the heavy duty black plastic GW cases I’m sticking with them, plus they fit neatly on the shelving units I have in the Playroom. KR, however do extra foam trays of the pick and pluck variety so I can house all the irregularly/random shaped pieces of artillery that I am building:

One tray.

You can see the way it has been divided up. You can then literally pluck out the segments you want to to customise your tray according to what models you have.

And compeleted. I used the 30mm deep trays for the AVBCW HMGs & Mortars, similarly for the BoB stuff, and also for the Dwarf Bolt Thrower. Each comes with a foam cover so even if a few pieces are taller than 30mm, they’re still well protected.

The trays come in differing depths.

There’s a lot of waste foam:

Happily for the environment and me, the pieces get passed on and re-used by Rich and others.

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