Dwarf Juggernaut TA2 – Part Three

Byakhee Rich updated me with progress early today @ 00:29:37…

I did the back axle in one piece and managed to drill it all the way through the chassis – not easy, but possible. I’d still like to reinforce the chassis but I’m struggling to find an easy to use material e.g. 3 mm wide brass or aluminium strip as no one seems to make it that small. But it is quite sturdy as it [is].

So if anyone knows of a supplier of steel or brass strip 3mm wide, please let me know !!!

We’d talked about the plan to add magnets to attach the crew:

(NB: Look at the upper half of the image which si the Dwarf crewman, the lower half is the steel plate, and has the reflection of the crewman in it)

Rich first ground away the small metal base the dwarf was on.

I put magnets in the dwarf’s feet and he stands okay on a flat steel panel. It should in theory work even better on corresponding magnets.

So far so good…

On the bad side, I seem to have wrecked my new variable transformer for my drill. The first one lasted 20+ years, the second less than 6 months. It worked fine on all your stuff but then conked out when I tried to do a simple drilling job! I have contacted the manufacturers… anyway, no more major power tooling for a while.

So things might be delayed, but we will see, I’m hoping to have a semi-functional model to field later this month in a game the Byakhees and I have planned.

That was Rich’s update, here’s mine:

I’ve started painting the upper deck and steering deck. As the detail on the casting is quite shallow, I did not undercoat them. I used Foundry Bay Brown, and Citadel Brazen Brass, with the ubiquitous Devlan Mud wash. I’m hoping that as this model will be fielded rarely and probably only in the Dark Tower itself, that handling will be light and the paint job will survive.

The main steam bolier will mostly be a brass/copper colour:

Last word to Rich, regarding his Empire Dragon he has been slaving away on for the last month or more:

If it would stop raining for a day or too so I can varnish and finish my Dragon, I’d send you some pics to post.

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