BoB: Austin armoured car Part 1

In starting to clear the Playroom up, I found the Austin armoured cars I’d bought from Sloppy Jalopy years ago. I’ve got three of them but thought I’d start small with a single model.

(NB: The Roundel on this Austin shows it to be operating as part of the Don Cossack Army, a separate but nominally subordinate part of the AFSR)

I’ve also got the Copplestone Castings Rolls Royce armoured cars, but the last month’s reading binge on the RCW confirmed that the Austin was the most numerous make of armoured car in the conflict. So seeing as I am close to the goal of having a completely painted army ready, this was going to be a nice way of completing it.

The kit is resin and white metal:

It got sneaked into the box taken to Byakhee Rich’s yesterday. This gave us something to do whilst waiting for the Dwarf Juggernaught sat in the dip.

Typically, it too came with white metal axles, so they got replaced straight away with brass rod. Positioning the wheels and mud guards took some time, but in all it was completed in 1.5 hours.

And the underside with brass rod.

It was quite a large vehicle and quite tall.

They were painted either standard Russian Green or a naval grey…not camouflaged it seems. So it should be a quick paint job, and then adding the appropriate roundels and markings including the name of the car !

Some footage of the Austin, looks to be WW1, Ireland and Russian footage.

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