Dwarf Juggernaut TA2 – Part Two

Byakhee Rich and I pawed over the components of the Juggernaut, the axles being plainly the key issue to rebuilding this item in a sturdy way that can actually be gamed with.

His reaction when asked for help haad been that it sounded like fun, but…

Given the rarity of the things, I think we should proceed slowly. I’d rather spend time thinking and planning than pile in and try to complete one at first sitting. I don’t want to file, cut or drill something until I’m 100% sure what I’m doing!

Chatting we both agreed that preparation and proper tools are essential to model making and DIY. I’ve found that doing DIY means getting the right tools and preparing properly saves so much time and effort in the long run, and there’s no point in bodging things. Both of us have had the same experience with model making projects. He has a better drill and hence the experience than me for this project. As this kit is probably worth £200 neither of us wanted to compromise. So we came up with a plan:

I like your plan. Get one model up and running with “whatever it takes”. Keep the third mint (it’s our template and your investment!) and use the experience from the first to decide how to do the second.

Even though the kit had probably never been painted – and trying to find a painted example has proved fruitless so far – but still ahd some glue on. Again Rich has access to some chemicals that would sort that out so the parts were left to soak in a liquid chloroform solution whilst we got on with other things.

(NB: Don’t try this at home folks, this stuff will eat through most thing, and that’s why the pieces are on wire hooks so they can be removed safely…and you can just about see the yellow glue (probably araldite) that needed removing)

The main problem with the kit is that it is quite thin and soft lead alloy. Out of preference Rich wanted to drill through the existing back axle and lower deck plate and replace with brass rod. But it was too thin. I therefore suggested cutting a groove on the underside to fit the rod into, and adding a strip of metal on seal it in and add more strength.

We also noticed that the actual casting was off centre by quite some way. Looking at the still fully assembled version we noticed that the pieces of the dis-assembled version were warped in different ways. This is the perils of large scale white metal castings as they often get warped either during casting or through useage.

The broken axles and wheels are all easily repairable and they were added into the dip to be separated out. Rich is going to experiment with one of the crew to see if there is enough surface area to get a good contact with magnets so I can place crew and remove them during battle.

Rich has a small portable electonic set of scales (he says it makes him feel like a drug dealer) so he weighed the assembled model, and it weighed in at a whopping 750g !

Then, we got diverted with another project…

After an hour and a half in the dip, the pieces were retrieved. The chlorofom causes glue to swell up and makes it softer and easier to scrape off, which was promptly done. Turns out that there were at least two glues used on the model previously, the araldite and probably super glue which we found all over the place.

As the connection between the upper and lower decks is quite small, so at my request Rich drilled and pinned them (but not glued).

The remaining wheels and axles are going to be drilled out and replaced with brass rod whilst I start painting the upper and steering decks plus the steam engine component. They won’t be completely finished off, but advanced to a stage where we can add the crew in place. As they are quite enclosed spaces when assembled I didn’t want to muck around trying to get into the corners. I’ll be leaving most of the areas where the pieces need gluing together as both Rich and I have found that gluing painted pieces together is not a recipe for success.

Here’s some pictures of Rich’s painting desk:

Sorry for the quality – he was busy drilling and assembling my models whilst I was looking over his shoulder.

The drill !

Black on black, hmm not a good combination, but there were some of the Marauder Ogres in their flouncy outfits, Empire heroes and a few odd figures from memory lane there.

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